Space Junkers

University Project, 5. Semester

Intergalactic war. To make a living you jump on recently hit spaceships, damaged and currently falling towards the next planet. Mine as many expensive resources as possible, before it hits the planet and destroys all valuable goods. Be quick and decide wisely how you want to dismantle the ship to get the most out of it, including your life.


My Contributions

  • Vision Keeper
  • Game Design
  • Item Balancing
  • Level Design

Game Design

Basic Rules

  • The goal of the game is to get as high a score as possible.
  • Each level has a time limit, which is reached when the spaceship hits the surface of a planet
  • Score is generated by the resources in your inventory and time remaining
    • Each resource is worth a different amount

Resource Management

  • Player collects resources from ship with gadgets
  • Resources are sorted by worth in the inventory
  • Player has one gadget for each of the 3 categories: Mining, Movement, Extra
  • Some Gadget actions consume collected resources
    • Gadgets always consume your resources with the least value


  • Get the highscore for a level
  • Try different tactics:
    • Change Gadgets
    • Change route in open level
    • Adjust playstyle

Core Game Loop


Without gadgets the moveset of the player is limited to running and jumping. Each round the player can select 3 gadget, one from each category: Mining, Movement, Extra.
These gadgets allow for new movement and mining methods. Some gadgets, like the hammer and implosion grenade combine these by allowing the player to fuse movement and destroying the ship. The powerful actions of gadgets require resources to function. These are directly taken from the players inventory (Score). The player has to keep an eye on their current resources to not accidentally lose all of them for powering their gadgets. Thats why they are always shown on the right side of the screen

Showcase of each Gadget

Example Playthroughs

Gameplay with different gadgets and tactics

Gadgets: Mining Gun, Jetpack, Implosion Grenade

Gadgets: Mining Hammer, Jetpack, Platforms

Gadgets: Auto Miner, Gravity Changert, Implosion Grenade