Lawn & Order

Student Project, 2. Semester, multiplayer, action, RTS

The long awaited competition for the most beautiful garden starts again, firing up the competition between four reckless neighbors. Make your garden pretty and sabotage your competitors, to guarantee your win. But don’t forget your defense in this multiplayer, PvP gardening war!


My Contribution

  • Game Design
    • Mechanic Design
    • Item Design
    • Balancing
    • Level Design
  • Vision Keeper
  • Various 3D assets, mostly vegetation
  • Realtime VFX

Fellow Team Members: Niklas Rüffler, Juliana Kralik, Julius Trasselli, Andre Molkenthin

Game Design

Basic rules

  • The garden with the most points after 5 minutes wins
  • Each minute the player with currently the most points gets a money bonus
  • Your garden gets points for flowers, decorations and cut grass
  • Your garden loses points for destroyed hedges and special items
  • Sell flowers to earn money and buy items for defense and offense
  • Each flower has different attributes: Money gain, Points, Life, Cost
  • Buy items and tool to obstruct the progress of other players and their gardens

Play as one of four unique characters (no gameplay impact). Art by Juli Kralik

Core Game Loop

Art by Juli Kralik



Cheap plants to earn money. Have the biggest buy to sell value margin. They don’t give many points to your garden. Don’t worry about spending all your money, the cabbage is free and there to save you!

Special Plants

The Rose is by far the most expensive flower, but gives the most points in return. With its big and flashy look, it will not only attract friendly bees!

The Uglytzia looks like any plant until its fully grown, then it turns into a big ugly mess and therefore gives a lot of minus points. Plant these secretly in your opponent’s garden.


Main source of points. Their attributes differ in price, points and health. The hydrangea for example withstands a lot of damage, while the Tulips are fairly cheap, but die quickly.

Selling them also earns you money, but its only worth it in emergencies!


Flame Thrower

Attack weapon. Run into your opponent’s garden and burn down beautifully cultured plants! Or make your own entrance by burning the hedges! Also damages players.

Leaf Blower

Defence weapon. Blow enemies away to defend your garden. Alternatively blow them out of their garden and have a free go!

Electric Fence

Annoyed from players making their own entrances through your hedges? Buy this fence.
Also damages player if they touch it.

Fertilizer Grenade

Regrows grass and hedges in area of effect.


Work like flowers, but can be placed anywhere. One of these reduces points!

Garden Tools

Cut your grass, heal your plants, and dig holes in enemy heads!

Art by Juli Kralik