Steam Workshop

I took my first steps into game development by creating custom maps and gamemodes for Source Engine games and sharing them on the Steam Workshop. Today my creations have over 10.000.000 downloads and were features in many well known gaming magazines, like PC Gamer, Rock-Paper-Shotgun & UploadVR.

Half Life Alyx

Jedi Alyx – Lightsaber Training

One dark and late night. I was working on my 6. Semester project, when it suddenly happened. Source 2 was released together with the Half Life Alyx Workshop. As a passionate Source 1 mapper, I did the one thing I had to do. Drop my uni work and check out the new Hammer Editor.
I wanted to create one of the first entries for the workshop and came up with the idea to add lightsabers to the game, as it lacked melee combat and had gravity gloves, that kinda work like the force.
I needed some time to understand all the new tools, but managed to gee the 42nd entry in the workshop. Today its one of the most downloaded entries with over 28.000 unique downloads.  It received a lot of attention and was featured in some of the major gaming news sites.

featured in:

Counter Strike – Global Offensive

Fast Aim & Reflex Training

Map to improve aim and reflexes degined for competitive CSGO players. One of the most downloaded maps in the Workshop. Used by many Esport professionals for warmup & training.
Player stands on a small island and unarmed bots run towards them. The player tries to eliminate them before they reach the gap.

Tractor Dawn

Custom asymmetrical multiplayer game mode.
4 players hide in a cornfield while another player has to find them with a tractor before dawn.
The clue: the field is dynamic. Players leave a trail of trampled corn behind them, while the tractor shrinks the cornfield by harvesting the crops. The game gets harder and more thrilling, the longer the round runs.

Inception’s Bent City

In the Source Engine you can walk up slopes up to 45°. I used this to create the illusion of being able to walk on walls, by placing two 45° tilted  planes mirrored to each other. This map represents a city, bent in the middle. Inspired by a scene from “Inception”.

This maps also functions as a defuse map (game mode in CS:GO).

Subway Smurfer

A singleplayer platformer inspired by Subway Surfer. You move forward automatically and only have to move left/right/jump. There are 4 levels to complete, each getting harder and giving new challanges.