Greedy Gustav

Solo-Project for the 48h “Pizza Game Jam”, hosted on / Topic: Greed;

Have you seen those breathtaking artifacts in the museum? Would be nice to have them, right?
But going in yourself is dangerous. How about that telescopic grappling hook over there?
Sneak your way in, pass obstacles, pass guards, get your prize and now you can decorate your home!


Game Design

Level Design

Level 1

You can’t lose in the first 2 levels.
The grappling hook will only reset itself, if you hit an obstacle. Perfect to get a feel for the controls. The first level is fairly easy to get a smooth start and a general feel for the gameplay.

Level 2

The 2. level gets much more complex in terms of obstacles. You need to time and coordinate your movements correctly.

Level 3

The 3. Level introduces you to guards. If you go straight forward, the guard will see you and activate the alarm, which equals in a game over. You need to evade.
You can’t evade the 2. guard, because he is standing next to a wall. The only option to beat the level is by picking him up.
The player gets to know all possible interactions with the guards.

Level 4

In the final Level you have both: complex movement and guards.

This level also allows multiple solutions: Either evade all guards, pick up the last one and do it again. Or pick up all 3 guards on the side to open a new path. Or finally block the 3 guard’s path to the alarm, which is the fastest solution!